Back in the streets!!

With the upgraded LGP e-scooters, traffic on the streets becomes a game! Choose the right one for you ... and go!


Electric Quartz Heaters!

Winter is coming! Get warm with LGP heaters with thermostat. Ideal solution for your home or your office. Choose between the three new models!


LGP for Gaming Lovers!

LGP products, inspired by modern technology and their modern design, come to give a special note to gaming by providing comfort, ease of use and colorful atmosphere.


All kind of Earphones!

Do you want clear and loud sound? Choose the one that suits you from the wide range of Lamtech headphones. In different colors for every taste.


Smart Car Accessories!

Equip your car with the latest fashion technology! Cases for mobile phones or tablets, Bluetooth headsets, chargers and much more available now!